Jeffrey Smart

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A long factory wall takes up the lower two thirds of this painting, blocking  a view of hills that rise behind it. A large group of small figures are gathered by a small open door in the wall. Details of distant apartment blocks peek out from behind the wall on the left hand edge.

Jeffrey Smart
Factory staff, Erehwyna

Creation date: 1972

Factory staff, Erehwyna
1972 Tuscany, Italy
oil on canvas
100.2 x 200.4 cm
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased 1972
© The Estate of Jeffrey Smart

Factory staff, Erehwyna is one of the first large-scale canvases Smart painted after moving to his home Posticcia Nuova in Tuscany. The surface of a beige metal factory forms a large horizontal field across the composition, a device Smart employed in several of his works. The artist’s dry sense of humour is evident in this work – ‘Erehwyna’ is ‘Anywhere’ spelt backwards, while the group of factory workers are not factory workers at all. Rather, the group includes likenesses of Smart’s friends, as well as his own self-portrait.