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Nicole Foreshew
Wir Guwang (sky rain)

Creation date: 2022 Location: Fern Garden
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Nicole Foreshew, Wir Guwang (sky rain), 2022, commissioned by the National Gallery of Australia, Kamberri/Canberra for the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony. Courtesy the artist.

Artist Nicole Foreshew on Wir Guwang (sky rain)

Our natural environment can tell us a lot about what's happening that we may not be aware of.

I think the collective conscious around what ceremony is, is so important right now, not just with our environment, but who we are as people. We most desperately need to be the storytellers of our experience.

We have the ability to be able to connect and communicate and translate the changes that are happening and also our, just, deep love for each other and the earth that we're in.

That's the power of art – that it can transcend time, it can transcend place, and it can also transcend us, as a people.

And that's why it can be so incredibly powerful.

Art has the incredible power to heal. And that’s what my process and Wir Guwang (sky rain) is about. It’s about a dialogue and a conversation and trying to understand through different mediums how I can help communicate something. And it’s a testament to what I’m going through at that time. I think for a lot of First Nations people art can be these signposts to change. Artists can make comment on what is happening to us as a people, but also remind us what art can do to heal us as well.

— Nicole Foreshew, 2021