Botticelli to Van Gogh

Learning Resource

A landscape painting depicting a hunt where people on horses with dogs corner a stag, they are dwarfed by the hills behind them.

Philips Wouwerman
A Stag Hunt

c. 1665

Philips Wouwerman. A Stag Hunt. c. 1665. © The National Gallery, London. Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876

Look at Wouwerman’s painting and the mass of activity that is depicted. Can you see what is going on? Try to find all the people and animals throughout this landscape.

Think about how hunting wild animals may have been useful as well as entertaining. Throughout history, hunting has been an amusing pastime and a sport for some people. What skills does it teach the participants in the painting? Where else would these skills have been applied?

Create an image where the roles are reversed, such as where animals are the hunters. Use whatever art method you like – drawing, painting, collage.