Botticelli to Van Gogh

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Painting of an outdoor scene depicting Mary Magdalene seeing Jesus for the first time since the Resurrection

Noli me Tangere

c. 1514

Titian. Noli me Tangere. c. 1514. © The National Gallery, London. Bequeathed by Samuel Rogers, 1856

Look at the position of the two figures in relation to each other and their body language. This painting is about Mary Magdalene being the first person to see Jesus after the Resurrection.

Titian did quite a bit of re-painting to finalise the composition – originally Mary and Jesus were closer. Think about why he moved them further apart and the effect this creates.

Create a digital or paper copy of this painting or another one with figures in a landscape. Cut out the people and try different gestures or arrangements in space. See what impact it has on the image.

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